Tony Pombo for U.S. Congress
Tony Pombo for
U.S. Congress

Congratulations to Amy Cox for securing the Democratic nomination for U.S. Representative! She has my full endorsement and support.

Amy is an individual of integrity and dedication, committed to the wellbeing of Ohio’s residents.

I encourage everyone to cast their ballots for Amy Cox and Sherrod Brown this coming November.

As for me, I remain committed to improving everyday Americans lives by working with, or within, the government to prioritize their needs. Stay tuned for my upcoming initiatives.

Tony Pombo

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The American Dream is slipping away. Let's save it!

For decades, politicians have betrayed the wellbeing of the American people by catering to the desires of the wealthy elite, corporations, special interests, and their own agendas. They continue to ignore the voice of the voting public.

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We need leaders who respect the people as the foundation of this nation. The citizens deserve to be heard and their needs prioritized.

Tony Pombo will be your voice in the United States Congress. He is a champion for the American working class and will advocate for the interests of all Americans, not only the privileged few.

Being a champion for the working class means building an economy that prioritizes the needs of workers over unnecessary tax breaks for billionaires and corporations. No matter who you are, or what you do for a living, Tony promises to fight for you!

Tony has a vision of America where we stop outsourcing to China, bring back manufacturing jobs, rebuild the middle class, support farmers, fight poverty, eliminate discrimination, ensure that health care and college are affordable, tackle climate change, secure our borders, and guarantee equal opportunity for all citizens.

Tony is eager to fight so that every American has the chance to thrive, not just the powerful. Vote for Tony and let's save the American Dream together!

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Finally, a Democrat that Republicans can support!

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