Tony Pombo for U.S. Congress
Tony Pombo for
U.S. Congress

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Hello. My name is Tony Pombo, and I am a moderate Democrat running for the office of Representative to U.S. Congress for Ohio's 10th Congressional District.

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I am running for this office because I believe in the promise of the America Dream. I believe that we are a nation of hope, opportunity, and freedom. I believe that we are a country of caring people who can overcome any challenge and achieve any goal if we work hard, work smart, and work as one.

However, politicians have put the financial interests of corporations, billionaires, lobbyists, and themselves before the welfare of the people. This is undermining the quality of life for all Americans and destroying the promise of the American Dream, and it needs to stop.

I also know that we are facing unprecedented crises that threaten our future. We are grappling with an inflation rate that is hurting people and devastating small business. We are witnessing the effects of climate change that are wreaking havoc on our environment and our health. Our health care and college education costs are soaring out of control. We are confronting the scourge of systemic racism that has denied justice and dignity to millions of our fellow citizens. We are living in a time of division, distrust, and disillusionment that has eroded our democracy and our common values.

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These are not easy problems to solve, but they are solvable. It just requires bold vision, collective action, and courageous politicians that are willing to do what is necessary to help all Americans. I believe the government should be putting its citizens first, not corporations, not lobbyists, and not politicians.

That is why I am asking for your vote. Because I have the ideas, skills, and the temperament to be that courageous politician. Because I have a plan to end our dependence on China, bring jobs back to our country, rebuild the middle class, combat climate change, secure our borders, reform the criminal justice system, and heal our nation. Because I have a vision of an America that is more prosperous, more just, more inclusive, and more equitable than ever before.

But I cannot do it alone. I need your help. I need your support, and I need your vote.

Thank you.

History and Background

While studying in Mexico City, Tony’s mother met a man who later became her first husband. They returned to Ohio, where he learned English and obtained US citizenship. They had a son, Tony, but soon after they split up. A couple years later, she married the love of her life.

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Tony Pombo grew up in a low-income, working-class family in Hamilton, Ohio. His mother owned a fledging small business that barely made enough money to pay its own bills. His step-father was a union member working for the Ford Motor Company, but he often had to work overtime or take extra shifts to support the family. Tony remembers how his mother would take side jobs to earn enough money to survive. Despite their financial struggles, Tony's parents always made sure he had everything he needed and taught him the importance of hard work, honesty, and to be grateful for what he had.

In 1990, he relocated to Beavercreek to attend Wright State University and never left the area. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and has earned several industry certifications. Throughout his career, he worked as a computer programmer, network administrator, and security architect as both an employee and consultant.

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For about 10 years, he took a break from corporate computer work, and launched an electrical contracting company where he worked as an electrician and a small business owner. He went back to computers when he felt that electrical work was not challenging enough.

He is currently the Systems Architect and Information Security Officer at a business-to-business web services company based in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Experience and Qualifications

TL;DR - Tony Pombo is knowledgeable on the issues, understands the needs of the voters, is intelligent, a quick learner, and has a "do it right" work ethic. He has 30 years of work experience in analyzing problems, developing solutions, and collaborating with others to implement them. Tony will use these skills to tackle the nation's challenges.

Tony is a technology expert. In today's world, technology is everywhere, and we need lawmakers who understand its complexities. Without this knowledge, politicians are incapable of foreseeing the consequences of enacting, or neglecting policy, until it has harmed the people.

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Tony is an out-of-the-box thinker and a core problem solver. Security professionals, like Tony, spend much of their time thinking about how to "break/hack" things. This demands them to be very creative and explore methods that no one has considered. When a weakness is discovered, it is essential to identify and fix the underlying cause and not just cover up the gap. Tony Pombo is very good at these skills.

He does not fear hard work or facing tough challenges. Sometimes doing the "right thing" is just hard.

Tony has a deep connection with our communities. As an electrician, he has been to hundreds of homes and interacted with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds. He was a property owner and landlord for many tenants who struggled to pay the rent. He empathizes with those who can barely make ends meet.

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As a computer consultant, he worked with many businesses: big, small, private, and public. For a while he worked on W.P.A.F.B. as a civilian contractor. Tony has been a consultant in several union shops where he was able to speak freely with people on both sides of the union/management relationship. Tony understands the needs of both sides.

He has a deep insight into the challenges of our health care system from the perspectives of both the patient and the provider. His wife is a Nurse Practitioner who currently works for Premier Health. She was a nurse for a long time before becoming a Nurse Practitioner, and she has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, in hospitals and doctor offices. Tony and his wife often discuss issues with the U.S. health care system and brainstorm solutions.

Vision and Goal

Tony Pombo knows that too many politicians are more concerned with networking, fundraising, and securing their own re-election then serving the public interest. As a result, politicians cater to the wealthy elite and rarely represent the common good.

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This abuse has been going on for decades, and the American people are noticing the effects. That is why the slogan "Make America Great Again" resonates with so many.

When America was "great":

Tony's goal is to restore the era of prosperity and wellbeing for all Americans.